is dedicated to providing you with travel information for your own Mexico Vacation Destinations. We offer helpful information about different places of interest in just about all of the BEST tourist, and non-tourist, Towns throughout all of Mexico.

Our STORY was started a few years ago by an American, named Jeremy, who was working in Mexico.  Jeremy found it really difficult to get good tourist information: it was either in Spanish (which he didn’t understand), or it was by travel corporations that just wanted to sell him the most expensive vacation package.
Jeremy thought to himself: “this sucks. Mexico is awesome, so why can’t I get reviews from real people?”  So, Jeremy started MEXICOVACATIONTRAVELS.COM as a blog and wrote down his adventures. If you look at some of the older posts on this website, you’ll get a good idea about Jeremy’s experience.

When Jeremy got back to the United States, he decided to pass the website over to American still living or traveling in Mexico.

Since early 2010, has been owned by us: a collection of Mexiholics! We each write our tips. They are based on our OWN experiences, which makes this site pretty special. Sometimes, we even get submissions from other travelers. There’s nothing better than getting advice from those who had great or bad times.

We hope you enjoy this site!

Meet the Team:



Scott is originally from Canada and spent some time living in Mexico.  He loves a good beach: white sand, blue-green water.  You’ll notice Scott’s posts: they focus primarily on beeches and places to go for dinner. Scott is also an avid cook and his favorite type of food is Mexican.  “The avocados just aren’t as sweet in the U.S,” he says.  “The beans are missing that earthy taste.”  Scott will cook anyone a REAL Mexican meal, for free, but only if you bring him to Mexico for him to cook it for you!

Senior Writers


Candice is from Boston and a major in Kremlinology.  Mexico and Russia are her two favorite countries, but she will probably end up living in Boston for the rest of her life. She has two kids, one husband, and half a cat. Just kidding, the last part was to see if you’re paying attention.  Candice is big on finding deals, so you’ll find tons of deals, tips, and hard-won knowledge about Mexican spots to visit.


Liliana was born and raised in Mexico City! She loves her country and wants people to visit.  But, don’t go to Starbucks and McDonald’s in Mexico. What’s the point!? I will tell you the places in secret alleys and off-the-road beaches that you just HAVE to try. This is all my Mexican knowledge 🙂


Hector is also born in Mexico.  He is a very talented musician and brings his love for Mexican music to this website. Want to hear a Mariachi?  Hector has plotted out the best bands and the best towns to go to. He also loves to go clubbing and has a lot to say about Acapulco, too. Enjoy his mind! Once you go to Mexico, please write him: he loves to hear how he’s touched someone and made their trip.


Johnny is an American who lived in Mexico for one year. He lived in Mexico City and used to go on vacation every weekend. If you’re looking for great villas around Mexico City, he has tested them all!! Johnny still goes there to enjoy the villas and write about them for us.


Melissa is from Chicago and has Mexican parents. She used to go every summer to visit her grandparents in Guadalajara .  Melissa is our Guadalajara expert and will tell you EXACTLY where you need to stay, eat, and visit. She loves live music and girly drinks with umbrellas in them.


Pablo lives in Mexico and has a young family. He goes on family trips and needs a place to stay. He doesn’t have a lot of money. He wants a beautiful place.  So, he found this website and it really helped him find a deal. Since then, he’s been writing for and passing on his own knowledge. “Pay it forward” is his motto.

We hope you enjoy learning about Mexico. If you’re looking for a Mexican Vacation, we recommend you start with finding a flight on our homepage, then a hotel, and take it from there!

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