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La Paz

La Paz is the capital city of the Mexican state of Baja California Sur and an important regional commercial center. During the summer the cooling Coromuel winds, a weather phenomenon unique to the La Paz area, blow during the night from the Pacific over the Peninsula and into the Bay of La Paz. The best attraction for those who visit La Paz is its world class marinas. You will definitely enjoy the water in the city. There are also some hotels that are both near to the beach and downtown. Aside from this, the town has several beautiful attractions nearby. You have the option to visit Todos Santos known for its famous surfing beaches. To explore the city, just scroll down your mouse and you will find out more about La Paz, Mexico.

The Mexican Art of Healing – Herbs for Health and Wellness

While many think of Mexico as a great place for reasonably-priced reconstructive surgical procedures, it has a rich history in the healing arts that definitely calls for more than just a glance by modern medicine. With elders living beyond the century mark and indigenous people avoiding diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol, maybe Mexican healing should find its way into the mainstream.

Epazote in bulk (photo by Cpt. Obvious courtesy of Flickr)

Epazote in bulk (photo by Cpt. Obvious courtesy of Flickr)

There are certain herbs,yerbas when in Mexico, that are common in treating everyday problems. Manzanilla (Chamomile), Yerba Buena (Spearmint), Epazote (Pigweed) and Canela (Cinnamon) are just a few of the main herbs most Mexican households use to treat day-to-day ailments. It should be noted that Yerba Buena can be used interchangably with many types of mint plants.

Epazote is an herb with a very distinct flavor that has a smell which can be described as smelling like gasoline. The herb is used to flavor any number of dishes but is also placed in food to aid in digestion working to decrease gas. The herb has also been used as an anti-parasitic aid and for asthma and other bronchial distress.

Hierba Buena (Spearmint) (photo by kendiala courtesy of Flickr)

Hierba Buena (Spearmint) (photo by kendiala courtesy of Flickr)

Yerba Buena (Spearmint) is a very popular herb used to treat young and old alike. One of the first cures a baby may taste is a bit of weak Yerba Buena  for colic. The herb is believed to calm stomach spasms, menstrual cramps and cool heartburn.

Chamomile is known as Manzanilla (photo by Ignacio Sanz courtesy of Flickr)

Chamomile is known as Manzanilla (photo by Ignacio Sanz courtesy of Flickr)

Manzanilla (Chamomile) is another favorite for mothers of infants because of its light herbal scent that is said to calm fussy tots with just a whiff. The flowers resemble tiny daisies and make a sweet tea that rarely requires any sweetening. Manzanilla is said to help with stomach problems and anxiety reduction.

Canela (photo by Yoidore Tenshi)

Canela (photo by Yoidore Tenshi)

Canela (Cinnamon) is another favorite in many parts of the world, especially Mexico. Often used as the perfect accompaniment to Chocolate, Cinnamon is a spicy treat that can actually calm a restless stomach. Usually Cinnamon is mixed with ginger and spearmint as a quite potent, and enjoyable, tea for stomach upsets like indigestion and heartburn.

While the world continues to forge into the world of phrameceuticals for every little ailment, there is much to be said and learned from the traditional healing of Mexican elders. In recent years the American markets have become flooded with many “health” products based on these traditional Mexican healing herbs. With amazing benefits and so few, if any, side effects, it seems are becoming prime solutions for these minor health annoyances.

Baja Camp – Isla de Espiritu Santo
Dolphins at Isla de Espiritu Santo

Baja Camp is located in Isla de Espiritu Santo, Baja California, Mexico. The Isle of Espiritu Santo is a full nature reserve. The camp sits next to one of the Island’s largest bays. Guests can reach the island via a two hour boat ride from La Paz. The Sea of Cortez is famous for its loads of gorgeous fish and shell fish. Guests are guaranteed a wonderful fresh seafood meal every night.

The island is home to many different groups of seals — guest love sharing the warm water them Kayaks are available for anyone interested in exploring the many inlets around the island. Hikers and trekkers will love the trails that stretch across the entire island. Scuba divers can visit during the summer months and enjoy the groups of whale sharks, hammer head sharks and manta rays that pass through the area.

Baja Camp only allows a maximum of ten guests. This is necessary for the health of the natural preserve, plus it allows for families or groups to have an intimate experience on the island. Packages include transportation from Tecolote beach to Baja Camp, five large safari tents, 3 meals per day, five kayaks, two motor boats, and furnishings. Visit for more information.

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Hotel Options in Colima, Mexico

Mexico has a lot of cities that are major tourist destinations. Additionally, Mexico has a lot of cities that fly under the radar. There are a number of beautiful and friendly cities that aren’t quite as well known with tourists and the city of Colima is one of those cities.

Perfect  & Extremely Clean Hotel In Colima, MexicoColima has a population of about 150,000 and is located in the southwest part of the country. The city is nearly 500 years old and is famous for having some of the best climate in the Western Hemisphere.

If you want to visit Colima, a number of hotel and resort options are available. One such option is Isla Navidad, which is perfect for those who are enamored with luxury. Isla Navidad is an expensive resort but it’s regarded as one of the finer resorts in all of Mexico.

Meson Dona Paz is another luxurious option. This resort is especially private and provides limitless peace and quiet. If you want to get away from it all, check out Meson Dona Paz.

On the other hand, if you are looking for budget lodging options, Colima also has a couple of very good options. You can find inexpensive rooms at both Fiesta Inn Colima and Hotel Mision Colima that are extremely clean and get high customer reviews.

While Colima isn’t a household name when it comes to Mexican vacation destination, many families from around the world come back to the serene town time and time again.

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Visiting La Paz, Mexico

La Paz, Mexico is becoming more and more of a tourist destination. Located in Baja California, La Paz has a population of around 200,000. With tourism being the city’s number one source of income, La Paz happily will open its arms to tourists.

The main attraction for those who visit La Paz is its world class marinas. If you love water, you will love La Paz. All types of water related adventures can be had in the sea outside of La Paz.

Experiencing The Water Related Adventures At World Class Marinas In La Paz Mexico

Additionally, many tourists are attracted by the seemingly always good weather, the low cost of living and the friendly locals. Since La Paz isn’t a very big city, it has a much different feel than other touristy towns in Mexico. It’s also a relatively safe city filled with over 500 years of history.

If you are staying in La Paz, one of the best places to say is Hotel Los Arcos. Located close to both the water and downtown, this colonial-style building looks beautiful on both the outside and the inside. With very reasonable prices and a number of amenities, Hotel Los Arcos is the preferred hotel by many of the tourists who visit La Paz.

Photo credit: Flickr