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Huatulco: Enjoying a Zapoteca Mud Bath

The say that enjoying a Zapoteca mud bath can be a unique and very different experience.

The site where this mud bat is exclusively available is in by the beach in the La Bocana regions. Known by locals and now an interesting tourist site, the silts and sands of this area by the beach is said to turn in “lodo” or mud and reports have it that the mud has healing powers that help cure sickness. Legend has it that the indigenous people of Mexico have been going to this site for years, specifically for cleansing and health reasons.

Today though, the mud bath is regarded as an unforgettable spa experience. And while some people remain to believe that it does have healing powers, most often, people who have tried the mud bath only achieve nothing more but silky smooth skin.

The mud bath is being offered by a local cooperative and cost very affodably, about less then $7. The treatment is administered by women, who are believed to be the descendants of the Zapotec ancestors, so you don’t have to be shy around them. It is advised however that visitors wear dark bathing suit. The mud gets into the clothes, so be sure to wear something that you won’t regret will get soiled.

What basically happens is that the women rub the mud all over your body, as you stand up. They lead you to the river nearby where the mud is rinsed off. When your treatment is done, you can take home a bag of the silts so that you can apply this on yourself.

The whole experience can be relaxing and exhilarating, and truly one to tell your friends about when you get back to home.

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