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Huatulco is a city situated in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico. The place is famous because of its fine sand beaches, gentle waves and beautiful flora.You will find a wide variety of accommodations from rooms for rent, small economy hotels, luxury oceanfront villas, vacation condominiums, bed and breakfasts, along with several luxury resorts standing on or near the shores of Tangolunda Bay.
Get ready to tour around the beaches of Huatulco by browsing through our pages and read all the travel reviews, tips and informations we have gathered for all of you. Enjoy!

Mexico Wedding Venue: Dreams Huatulco Resort and Spa

A luxurious resort and spa for families, Dreams is also an ideal place for romantic weddings and anniversary celebrations.

The hotel offers several type of wedding or anniversary packages. When couples book the Honeymoon Ocean View or Preferred Club Ocean View for seven nights, for example, or if their guests reseve five rooms for at least three nights of stay, the wedding is already complimentary.

The wedding package includes the services of the officiating judge or minister as well as the wedding coordinator. The bride and groom can have their dress or tuxedo ironed before the big day, and this is all compliments of the hotel. The groom will also be given his special room before the wedding, as tradition dictates, the couple should not see each other then.

The ceremony will be held in the Gazebo and the hotel will provide the wedding cake and the champagne for the wedding toast, for about 10 guests. The couple can also enjoy spa treatments with a 15% discount and the hotel will also give them the honeymoon package as gift.

Do inquire from the hotel on the various offers to this package, as you may have to pay for add ons and additional requests.

If you’re going to stay in the hotel for your anniversary the following year, you will also earn one night of complimentary stay, provided you and your spouse are booked for at least seven days. Booking this is available all year round and the couple should be able to show the resort the marriage certificate, as well as the certificate provided by the hotel when they first had their weeding here.

Huatulco: Vista Hermosa

For families going on vacation in Huatulco, Mexico, the main concern would have to be safety in a foreign country. If you have kids, you would want to stay in a place where they would be comfortable, and at the same time, they would enjoy themselves. A place like Vista Hermosa would probably the best place to book your family during your visit.

The villa is located in a gated community, hence you would have nothing to worry about when it comes to security. The place has three bedrooms, which is big enough for groups to hole themselves in. It fits ideally two families with 4-6 people per family. All rooms come with their own bathroom, which offers a lot of convenience and the bed is big enough to have two to three people sleep on it.

The master’s bedroom is on the top of the three story villa and has its own terrace where families can enjoy a barbecue or fireworks at night.

Below, the house has its own swimming pool, so if you don’t want to bring the kids to a beach elsewhere, they can enjoy the water safely in your rented place. In fact, the swimming pool is actually between the two bedrooms located downstairs. I can imagine that the kids would want to stay in this the whole day.

Vista Hermosa is located in Santa Cruz and twenty minutes off is where many restaurants are, if you’re family would love to dine out. The beach is just a five minute walk from the villa, by the way and it’s the Arrocito Beach where the water is calmer.

You can taxi in and out of this area, if you would like to visit more of Huatulco. There are lots of taxi within the area, so the ride is not much of a problem.

Huatulco: Visit the Veracruz

Veracruz in Huatulco is known as a colonial destination found in the eastern region of Mexico. It’s a tropical site where the wheteher is hot and humid all year round. The mountain hills, however, are cool and breezy. The most glaring thing about being in Veracruz is its picturesque towns. A lot of the old colonial architecture has been preserved in this place, hence tourists will appreciate its authenticity and history.

In the old days, this town was a very significat commercial center and was a harbor for trading. But Veracruz is most popularly known for its Carnival season as the celebration here is nothing short of enthusiastic.

During this time, music and dancing fill the streets and the plaza, with its beautiful garden, are also filled with plenty of activities to do. The festivals are marked by contests and competitions — such as fishing tournament. There’s also a lot of eating. The gastronomic feast is in itself something to write home about. But one of the most recommend food or drink you should try is the Mexican coffee, or the café con leche at the Café La Parroquia.

Mexicans do know how to enjoy and party. The Carnival festival or Festival del Caribe attracts pleny of people each year. This takes place sometime in May.

Huatulco: Casa Buena Vida

Going to Huatulco in a group? To save on cost in room accommodations, you would be better off renting a place that is built group vacations such as the Casa Buena Vida.

The casa, as it is, is so big, it can take in about fourteen guests at a time. For reunions, team buildings or any kind of group get together, the house is perfect! The rates are also very affordable, which means you and your friends or family can spend your travel budget more on other stuff.

The casa has an open living room. With so many people in the house, I doubt you will feel cramped because the space is really free flowing and roomy. Built with marble floors and walls painted in warm tones, the house is cozy, refreshing and very homey. You will feel right in place here.

The casa also has several outdoor spots, including a roof deck, where you can party or have a quiet R & R.

The house’s most popular feature is the indoor swimming pool that actually stretches outdoor. The pool has a shallow area, too, which is great for children to play or soak in, or for adults to wade in.

Casa Buena Vida also has a perfect location. It’s very near downtown Santa Cruz, where the shops are and it’s also a few distance away from the public beach. Easily accessible and convenient, you can’t ask for anything more from this place.

Buena Vida means “Good Life” in English, and this is exactly what staying in the house offers its guest.

What to do in Huatulco: Visit Hagia Sofia

Hagia Sofia is known as an ecological respite. Most people visit this place to commune with nature and their spiritual side. The site is full of trees and is a natural sanctuary for a lot of birds and butterflies. Everything here is simple and organic and being her is truly being one with nature.

Guests can partake in a feast of fresh fruits and organic food, while enjoying the clean air and the mass of beautiful flowers and trees in the surroundings. The kitchen, where food is prepared is open, thus you can watch how they prepare the meals they serve to you.

There’s nothing fancy in this place. This truly is an escape, so it’s best not to bring any of your gadgets and just really disconnect from the rest of the world while you are here. Perhaps the only thing you can bring is your camera, so that you will be able to take photos of the wonderful site.

Armando is the owner of the Hagia Sofia and he is quite warm and very friendly with the guests. He makes sure that your needs are met when you stay in this sanctuary. He also takes charge of the tour and he would bring you the the breathtaking waterfall site that’s hidden in the depths of the area. You can actually swim here and enjoy the cold but refreshing water.

A Day in Huatulco: Turtles and Crocidiles Adventure

Visit three popular sites in Huatulco — Tonameca Lagoon, the Ventanilla and the Mazunte — and have an enriching and educational experience for the whole family. These places is where once can usually find turtles and crocodiles, which have been bred and taken good care of by the locals. At Mazuntem, in fact, is where you can find the National Turtle Center. Learning about these creatures can be eye-opening, especially if you have budding environmentalists in your brood.

The Ventanilla is actually a small village located at the Oaxca Coast and very near rocky formation. Once you get here, you can take a boat ride going to the Tonameca Lagoon, a mangroove which is home to crocodiles, as well as iguaunas, herons and woodpeckers. You can watch crocodiles from afarm and see how caretakers and hunters protect these. You don’t have to worry about your own safety, as there should be a guide to assist you.

After this village, you can then head to Mazunte and there you can find a thriving local industry where lots of oils, shampoos and soaps are produced. These beauty products are all made from 100% natural materials and can be purchased as gifts fto rbing home to.

This tour is one of the better and amazing attractions to try in Huatulco as you will marvel at natures wonder and learn how to take care of them. At the same time, find products and learn how they are created from natural sources. Like I said, this really is an enriching trip!

Where to stay in Huatulco: Hotel Alikar

Hotel Alikar is a quiet place with thirty rooms that are all spacious, with a Bohemian theme for its interiors. This is a four star hotel located some twenty five minutes away from the airport, and is very near restaurants, bars and the shopping area in Huatulco.

Each room comes with its usual amenities to make your stay comfortable. There’s a flat screen TV with cable or satellite, wireless internet access, cribs or extra beds upon request and there is also a balcony so that you can relax and enjoy the view outdoors. It’s romantic and very refreshing at the same time.

Hotel Alikar has an in-house restaurant, La Terraza, which serves authentic Mexican dishes as well as a large selection of cocktails. Bar service here, however, is only open until 10:45 pm.

If you want to relax, there’s also an outdoor swimming pool and families with kids can bring their little children in the playground. This really is a family hotel and the facilities are even built to serve handicaps.

Service by the staff is really commendable, as they are approachable, friendly and always ready to assist the hotel’s guests.

If you ever are planning to visit this city, then the Hotel Alikar must be considered as a worthy place to stay. Inquire about their all-inclusive package as well, which offers great deals and will make your vacation even more worth it.

Where to stay in Huatulco: Villa Blanca Hotel

The Villa Blanca Hotel is a 4-star establishment which sits near two of Huatulco’s historical and beautiful bays — Chahue Bay and Bays of Huatlco.

The place is usually packed and there are plenty of families visiting here with kids, which I should say, can affect one’s idea of a relaxing vacation. However, there are so many things the hotel can offer its guests, which more than makes up for what would have been a spoiled trip.

The rooms of the hotel all come with their own safety deposit box and cable television, as well as a free coffee marker. I particularly like the interiors of the room because its simple and well-kept, making relaxation and sleep all the more possible, in spite of the constant parties that seems to be taking place by the pool side.

Speaking of the pool side, it’s big and spacious and I can understand why families with their kids would love to be here. If the pool area gets a bit crowded though, the villa has a sun terrace where you can sit and lounge and get a tan.

There is an in house restaurant and bar offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. Food is actually so good, you may have to think twice about going out and eating at other places. However, the shopping center and food shoppes are actually just about 2 km further, so you do have plenty of choices if you wish to stay here.

The hotel is also very near the Tangolunda Golf Club, which is perfect for gents who love to enjoy the vacation playing a round of golf.

Service of the staff is commendable and they do give you the attention you need, especially when you have lots of requests.

Where To Stay in Huatulco: Flamboyant Huatulco

What can you expect from a hotel that’s named “Flamboyant”?

I was expecting something grand and colorful, but this is actually a hotel that pretty much has a colonial structure. It looks very traditional. Yet it’s cozy and quite relaxing, which is fair enough.

The hotel is only three-storey high but conveniently located in the downtown area of Hualtulco. It’s quite small but the service and facilities are not something to fret about. The staff is warm and accommodating and they do take the extra mile to attend to the guests needs.

The hotel has pool where you can relax and lounge, sunbathe or cool down in the water, if you’re tired of exploring the rest of the city.

There is a a restaurant and a bar, which should satisfy your cravings or your need to relax and enjoy nightlife with after-hours entertainment. If you want to shop for gifts to bring home, the hotel also as a store with a good selection of handicrafts.

The rooms are very spacious and comfortable and comes with a private bathroom and shower, as well as cable tv and internet service. Room service is available, including a wake up call service which you can request daily. The hotel has 70 rooms in total, each equipped with air conditioning, perfect for a relaxing and leisure stay.

The hotel is conveniently a 20-minute drive from the airport and a five minutes away, there is the La Crucieta Park, for your leisure and relaxation. The site is also very near gorgeous church structures, as well as impressive and relaxing beaches. So basically, everything you want to see and experience in Hualtulco is just very near your chosen accommodation.

Where To Stay in Huatulco: Las Brisas

Las Brisas is actually part of a chain of hotels in Mexico and the one in Huatulco is conveniently located near a golf course. It’s actually just a five minute drive or an easy walk to the greens.

Inside however, Las Brisas offer three diverse beaches that are secluded and private, you would truly enjoy yourself and have a good time.

The hotel also has six restaurants on site, which means that you don’t have to go very far to look for food. Aside from that, the hotel offers a fitness center, a business center, and other amenities and facilities that would make your stay complete. You really can have the best of both worlds here.

The rooms are gorgeous. It makes me want to stay indoors for most of my visit. The rooms are really clean and spacious and there’s a great view of the beach. Pick out the rooms in the balcony if you ever have the choice, because it really is so much more romantic. This is also a resort spa so you can indulge in massages and other pampering while you are here.

Outside, there is an ample children’s playground as well as a daycare center, so that families visiting can still enjoy their vacation with the kids. You don’t have to worry about the staff as their service is top-notch and the people here are friendly and accommodating.

This hotel offers all-inclusive package which means that you can enjoy everything and not have to worry about it on the trip as this can be pre-booked and pre-arranged. For first time visitors, this deal is actually quite good and you can truly enjoy Hualtulco by enlisting in an all-inclusive package.