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Laguna de Labradores: Beautiful Blue in a Vast Land

Relaxing Blue Skies & Blue Waters In Laguna De Labradores Lake

Blue sky and blue waters (photo by Oswaldo Ordonez courtesy of Flickr)

It is not known for it’s size, but Laguna de Labradores has a draw all of its own. The deep blue waters of this lake hold many local legends and an eerie calm meets visitors who chose to relax along the shores or fishing from within.

Horses on the Shore of Laguna de Labradores Lake

Horses on the shores (photo by Oswaldo Ordonez courtesy of Flickr)

Though the lake appears very normal and inconsequential, Laguna de Labradores reaches depths of up to 300 meters. It has been studied by curious scientists around the world. Reportedly, the lake was formed by underground faults and it is believed that the Cenote de Gavilan, located nearby, connects to the lake with underground water currents.

Gorgeous Blue Skies Over the Laguna de Labradores Lake

Gorgeous skies over the lake (photo by Oswaldo Ordonez courtesy of Flickr)

The lake is a favorite sport for avid fisherman. Species of catfish, rainbow trout and carp can be caught along with mojarra, a type of tilapia often used for bait. Of course if fishing doesn’t suit your interest, swimming and picnicking along the shore is quite a wonderful way to spend the day.

Pier at Laguna de Labradores

Pier at Laguna de Labradores (photo by Oswaldo Ordonez courtesy of Flickr)

Laguna de Labradores is located just outside Galeana in Nuevo Leon.  A visit to Laguna de Labradores can enjoy Gavilan on the same visit and vice versa. The area is tourist friendly and locals enjoy conversating with visitors. The best way to truly take in the expereince is through talking with locals who know the area and may even share a story or two about the lake.

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