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Beaches In Mexico

Everybody needs a break thousand miles away from the busy city. And we all know where to find the best beaches, nowhere but in Mexico. Everything one could want in the way of ocean-living, relaxing, exploring and water sports.

And so we have gathered most of the spectacular Mexico Beaches that one could ever imagine. We hope in this way we can be able to help you find a perfect spot for you to spend your vacation with your loved ones.

Things To Know About Puerto Vallarta: Beaches

Puerto Vallarta has a gorgeous beach coast and there are about forty beaches you can find in the area, all offering different pleasures. The beaches are perfect for doing all sorts of water activitis including snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, jet skiing or wind surfing.

The most visited spots are the beaches found in Los Muertos, located in the Old Town and during weekends and holidays, this can be incredibly filled with people.

The northern part of Puerto Vallarta have more beaches that are suited for surfing and some of these are secluded and less populated.

One thing you should take note of when booking at a beach resort is that the downtown beaches are basicallys smaller. The Hotel Zone does offer a lot of wonderful beaches, but it’s best to check where you are booking your accommodation from. The downtown central area do not have beaches nearby at all, so if you have booked your stay here, be prepared to shell out extra for cab fares if you would like to go to the beach. Otherwise, if you only intend to get a tan working, your best bet is to stay in the hotel and enjoy the pool.

The water on the beach is actually cold, all year round, in spite the fact that this is a gorgeous tropical island, which is why you will find that most hotels also have pools with warm water even when the beach is a walking distance.

Top Mexico Beach: Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay is found in Puerto Vallarta and is a favorite spot of Hollywood stars even way before. Its stunning beach lures the famous, the glitzy and glamorous stars, producers and directors from America and at one point, Banderas Bay became the background for films that starred Richard Burton. In fact, part of the film’s working area for “Iguana” still remains there and has become sort of a museum for tourists to take photos from. Banderas Bay was also the site for Burton’s romantic union with Elizabeth Taylor.

Because of its kind of visitors, this part of Puerta Vallarta has grown into a luxurious and sophisticated spot. Banderas Bay is sprawling with hotels and restaurants and other fabulous nightclubs. Its beach stretches 26 miles and the overlooking area, which has a lovely view of the water, is often the site for many weddings and celebrations.

Punta Mita, which is part of the bay, is also a favorite spot for weddings and is more secluded and private. Located to the north, this beach has white powdery sands, soft and perfect for barefoot weddings. Honeymooners will also enjoy the waters but if guests prefers pools, there are several in the cove, accessible by boat.

The bay is known as one of Mexico’s largest and deepest and is superb for deep sea fishing. Abundant with sea creatures, it’s home to the dolphins and humpback whales, which you can see in the wate rbetween the months of November through March. Turtles also abound the beach between June to December.

Surfers, on the other hand, will enjoy Sayulita, the fishing village that is surrounded by a dense jungle. And in San Pancho, the neighboring town, you can literally enjoy a stroll in the water during low tide.

Top Mexico Beach: El Eden

El Eden is located near the Mismaloya River and offers a breathtaking view of the coast of Mexico. This is where Predator was filmed, but other than that, this is also a favorite site of honeymooners and newly weds.

A privately owned conservation site, El Eden is found to the north of the Yucatan Peninsula and aside from its pristine beach, the area also has a vast grassland, swamps, sand dunes and rain forest.

You can find a few national parks here like Yum Balam, Isla Contoy and Rio Lagartos. The island is home to migrant and aquatic birds.

For romantics, El Eden has a wonderful waterfalls that could serve as a backdrop for weddings or engagements. Around it are several natural pools that can be enjoyed not only by couples, but the whole family.

Those who enjoy nature trips and the outdoors can also join the Edenadventure that is unique only to the site. This is actually a three-day two-night guided tour of the wetlands and the tropical forests. Thus, if you want a unique experience, this would be a great way to make memories with loved-ones.

Aside from enjoying the waters, you can also have a great time bird watching and surveying the wildlife. You can also challenge friends to hop on the zipline and experience something not everyone has done before. Do take note that there are a lot of stairs to climb in this place, and while you don’t have to necessarily be in good shape, you have to prepare for these treks and long walks.

Still, if it’s unforgettable fun you want to have in Mexico, this is the place to be.

Top Mexico Beach: Isle of Yelapa

If you’re looking to go to a beach that’s off the beaten path, then Yelapa would be the place to go. Located on the southern edge of Mexico’s western coastline, this is where visitors can find Puerto Vallarta.

The island can be characterized as exotic and hardly touched with any of the influences of the world. This has been how Yelapa is over decades, even when there are plenty of rich visitors that come to this region to relax and unwind.

The Isle of Yelapa is ideal for private seekers or those who want to remain inconspicious as they enjoy the water, sand and sun. It’s also a great destination for honeymooners and those who want to leave the cares of the world elsewhere.

You can do a lot of things here, other than water sports activities, like taking pictures of wildlife around the surrounding jungle path or hiking. Yelapa is a fishing village, hence there are really plenty of marine life to be found and discovered here. If you love to snorkel and dive, you will be in awe of the species you will find underwater.

Rainy months fall around June to October and the forest is thick and green all throughout. Meanwhile, March is the dryest of the seasons.

Bear in mind, however, that Yelapa is sort of like a Bohemian retreat. Most parts of the island don’t have any electricity and there are no cars to take you to places. There are plenty of water taxis though, and food stalls or restaurants also abound.

This is the place to truly enjoy artistic pleasure, outdoor recreation, lounging and hiking or be one with nature with our loved-one or partner.

Top Mexico Beach: Quintana Roo Coast

The coast line of Mexico’s Quintana Roo offers stunning beaches that surround this ancient land of the Mayans. Here, the beaches come with fine white sands and the water is perhaps the most amazing turquoise blue you have ever laid eyes on.

The north part of this area is the most conducive for beach dwellers, and is actually recognized as one of the best in Mexico. This region is known as the Mexican Caribbean and includes Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Cancun and Riviera Maya.

The waters in these areas always remain cold and refreshing for various reasons. One of which is because of the composition of the sand, which has particles from corals and shells. The other reason is because the sand actually bounces off solar rays, with its sand almost feeling as if its talc and not grainy.

The water here averages to about 82F, tepid enough to really soak into and enjoy. It’s also the bluest of blue and crystal clear. The color and the composition of the water is a testament to the vegetation that surrounds it, as well as the abundant marine life found in the water.

Coldest months usually fall between December and January, but the region enjoys good weather, perfect for water sports and other activities, all year round.

The beaches are open to public and are cared for the by the goverment, as such, it’s quite accessible to everyone, including tourists. The beaches are also litter free and the surrounding areas are really well taken cared for.

Truly, the first word you can think about when you see Quintana Roo’s coast is that it is indeed a tropical paradise.

Top Mexico Beach: Pie de la Cuesta

Northwest of Acapulco, Pie de la Cuesta is a small, quiet town that serves as an alternative to the hustle and buste of Mexico City. There are a few hotels and restaurants here, and the atmosphere is quite laidback.

The beach boasts of fine white sand and cool blue waters and it’s also an ideal choices for many couples who want to get married or spend hteir honeymoon. The Sierra Madre huges the beach on one side, while the Coyuca Lagoon is found on the other side.

Unlike Acapulco’s resorts which is considerably commercialized, Pie De La Cuesta isn’t and thus, many tourists decide to take a few nights off here to enjoy the peace and solitude instead.

This place is idea for those who enjoy water skiing as the waters are calmer. It’s also perfect to go fishing or sailing in this part of the region.

The lagoon is a great site for exploration as its vegetation is thick and exuberant. There are several eco-tours guests can enlist from to learn more about the surrounding areas, filled with flora and fauna.

The perfect spot to watch the sun set by the Pacific, while sitting on a hammock and drinking tequila, this is a surreal but heavenly beach for those who really just want to kick in and lay down and just enjoy the solitude.

Cancún: The Tourist Magnet

Coastal cities are always welcome. The ocean has a sort of charm few other natural concoctions can provide. Just a solitary evening on a nice, romantic beach is enough to relax the  mind and free it from the intangible intricacies of life. And, if that coastal city is good enough to provide other modes of entertainment and features what travelers call “tourist attractions”, so much the better. Going a step further, Cancún, sitting serenely in the eastern state of Quintana Roo has an entire island dedicated to wavering travelers. Thats an invitation good enough.

Known to the early Mayan inhabitants as the Nizuk (which means, “a point of grass”) Cancún’s share of the modern age started in the 1970s when there were, believe it or not, only 3 residents living there. With extensive government aid and proactive measures by the authorities, Cancún grew in size and popularity and has never looked back. Today, an entire island in the shape of seven is loaded with hotels and resorts and the beaches with the sparkling white sand are a feast for the senses. Due to it’s long history, you will also find some Mayan ruins and archaeological sites nearby. The real attraction, however is the city itself. the Suparmanzanas (superblocks of residential areas with neat park studded features)  are sure to attract your attention.

You can take a boat ride into the Caribbean sea towards the Nichupté Lagoon, or jet ski around a jungle for pure a adrenaline rush. And, if you choose to remain within the realms of the city, which in itself is a treat for the eyes, Cancún’s nightlife will leave you in a state of trance, all night long. Take special notice of the tradition dancers, whose enthralling performances is not to be missed. Its hard not to be pulled by the metropolitan beauty married with one of the most exotic natural water moments , and Cancún is talented enough for that. It’s a magnet.

Best Hidden Beaches in Mexico

Best Hidden Beaches in Mexico

The country of Mexico is renowned for its coastal beauty and hidden beaches. Mexico has some of the best secret beaches in the whole world.

Best Secret Beaches In Mexico

  • Riviera Maya – If you are looking to escape the crowds and spend your time relaxing by the ocean, then the Riviera Maya beach is just the place for you. It lies between Tulum and Puerto Adventuras and is a protected area. The beach is home to a protection program for turtles. During the spring months and in summer, you will be able to see the baby turtles hatching from the eggs and retuning to the ocean. This beach has no bars and no restaurants. You have to bring your own food and drink. The palm trees on this beach provide plenty of shade and there is also a freshwater sinkhole just a few minutes away from the beach. The beach also has a loyal caretaker who could provide you with some fresh coconut water if you desire.
  • Costa Maya – For a cozy and private afternoon on the beach, you should pay a visit to Costa Maya. The Costa Maya is a group of white sandy beaches on the Belize border. This is a very remote destination. You could spend your time here snorkeling or diving, kayaking, fishing or simply relaxing over the soft sands. The beach does not have large hotels or gift shops. It might be difficult to find a telephone in this beach. There are some comfortable but small guest houses which you can avail of in this beach.
  • Puerto Escondido – To escape the crowds, there is no place better than the Puerto Escondido. This is a secret port area which is not easily accessible. There are several beaches here which can provide you with the best surfing experience. You will see the fishermen bring in their catch for the day to sell in the markets. The beachfront palappas serve local delicacies like the grilled fish. There are some cheap but small hotels on these beaches and a few four star resorts.

Thus, there are various hidden beaches in Mexico which you can visit for a very private holiday experience.

Holbox Island – Mayan Riviera Mexico

This magnificent island is just 26 miles or 24 kilometers long and it’s located in the mayan mexico riviera to the northwest of Cancun. You can get to the Island either by ferry which you would need to take from a town called Chiquila or by plane flying from Cancun or Playa del Carmen. I especially like to go by ferry because that way I feel closer to nature, and from time to time you might be able to see dolphins or whales on the way.

This incredible Island is separated from the mainland coast of Mexico by a shallow lagoon Which gives sanctuary to thousands of flamingos, pelicans and other exotic birds and creatures. This island is also famous for its exciting tours that offers, such as whale shark watching and swimming tours, fishing tours, snorkeling tours, bird watching tours, and dolphin watching and swimming tours. The most incredible attraction in the island is the whale shark watching and swimming tour. This spectacular show is available only in this Island of the Mexican Caribbean from June to September because that’s when whale sharks swim near the Island to spend the summer season.

Holbox Island is considered a virgin tourist destination because very few outsiders visit the Island. This does not mean that if you visit it you won’t find a place to eat or sleep. The Island has several comfortable and reasonable hotels as well as condo vacation rentals. As far as places to eat, let me tell you that you don’t have to worry about that either. There are also some restaurants where you can eat anything from a slice of pizza to the catch of the day. Remember that this Island is a fishing village so don’t forget to try the delicious sea food the locals prepare with the catch of the day.

Anyway, if you happen to visit Cancun and are tired of being around too many tourists, remember that you can get away from it all by visiting this amazing Island. I strongly recommend that you come to this Island especially if you love birds, dolphins and whales.

Riu Cancun with It’s Stunning Architecture and Excellent Service

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All their hotels were modernly design in a contemporary way. Riu Cancun hotel rooms come with a wonderful and breathtaking ocean view with soft bed and very spacious room area.

The hotel comes with adult entertainment, a disco club, and lobby with live music playing, plus the hotel amenities that your whole family would definitely enjoy!